10 Texts To Make Him COMMIT

6 Signs She Is Girlfriend Material

Determining whether she is girlfriend material is simply a matter of weighing the pros and the cons. If you can say more good things about her than bad, or can’t even find any bad things to say at all, then she is probably in good shape to be your girlfriend.

The Cougar

This article talks about some of the problems older women face in dating a younger man. It also looks at the societal perspective on dating younger men.

How to Meet a Man on Valentine’s Day

Short of ideas on how to meet your right man? Here’s an out-of-the-box plan.

Why Date Longer?

Read on to understand the rationale behind the new relationship trend – couples dating longer. The articles digs into both practical and emotional factors that contribute to this new mantra for a stable marriage.

New Year’s Love Resolutions to Ensure You Get (and Keep) the Guy

Even if you’ve never succeeded at love before, you possess the power to attract and keep it. Commit to the following resolutions. The results will astound you.

Dating – Five Things You’re Doing Wrong

Dating can be a challenge. Here are some rules to do a self assessment if you find yourself not knowing what is going wrong.

Mesmerize Him By Doing Nothing – Just Be Yourself!

Can you imagine casting a spell on a man and not having to move a finger for it? Would you find it too good to be true that you can attract a wonderful relationship and a good man in your life just by being yourself, a feminine goddess that just bursts out of you with no effort?

First Date Ideas – Where to Go on a First Date

First date ideas can be hard to come by, especially if you want it to be a fun and unique experience. Everyone can benefit from great first date ideas that guarantee to make the date memorable and keep the conversation flowing all night long!

Switching the Light on to Love

Relationship happiness has now become the ‘holy grail’ for many people, and too often, love hurts more than bringing happiness into our life. Why does something that starts out as a wonderful new beginning, seem to end so quickly in tears and sadness? Some eagerly pursue love, blindly repeating the same relationship mistakes, which leads to self-doubt in ever meeting someone. A lot of us also give up thinking the right relationship doesn’t exist, and others create similar relationships, again and again that are filled with conflict and hostility

Christian Dating Site Rapist: 3 Lessons to Learn

Mr. Banks was accused of two accounts of rape. He met the victims on online dating services. There are three lessons to be learned from the story. 1. Do a background check on the person you are interested in. 2. Before inviting someone to your home there are phases that the relationship has to go through first. 3. A Christian woman is not supposed to invite a man to her home and spend time alone with him.

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