Why MEN are Retreating in a WOMAN’s World

by Jacqui Pugh – Matchmaker

You’re frustrated with not having a sexy-ass partner in crime. Just like all your friends, you crave the sensual touch of an incredibly attractive body on top of yours. So you swipe right. You meet up. After an hour of flirting and conversation, you’re not exactly sure if the person is for you but you never know…you’ve been single for a while, it’s been a long time, and it’s getting spicy…Date’s about to end. Eyes lock. It’s on. Time for eggs and bacon. Great night. Better morning.

After a few days, another rendezvous is discussed, leaving the woman wondering why the man invited her over to “Netflix and Chill,” instead of asking her out on another date. Deal. Is. Done. He doesn’t need to anymore ladies. The woman is entitled to get upset. And the man should be a gentleman and ask her out on a proper date. However, as easy as it is to point the finger at the man, the woman has not held him accountable, she is just as much at fault for this behavior.

strong-women-weak-menThe process continues over and over again. As time goes on, the woman gets more and more aggravated with men never asking her out on a proper date. She longs for a physical companion and just “gives in” to get what she wants as well. Even though she wants to end up with a significant long-term partner, having sex is at least better than nothing. The woman starts to ask men out because no one is approaching her. They start to establish that men no longer need to ask women out when they can easily have their cake and eat it too.

I get it guys. Why would I go to a job if I can just sit at home and get paid for nothing? So men sit back and relax while the women go hunting. Each gets a few hours of pleasure while retaining an abundance of loneliness.

This needs to stop.

Women – It’s hard, I get it, but if we want to be respected as a whole again, close your legs! Get to know the man in front of you for longer than a night, resist the temptation and his amazing smile and make him be intrigued by you!

Men – Keep your pants zipped, pick up the phone, and wine and dine the f*ck out of a beautiful woman…the same woman, more than once. And if she tries anything sly…tell her, “Let’s keep it classy, babe. Let’s get to know each other.” You’d be mind-blown where that will get you in her book.

Let’s hold each other accountable to being social and chivalrous again.

Let’s put the class back in ass. As a team.

I’m starting today to bring sexy back, you in?




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