Why do Men Cheat on Their Girlfriends?

This is one of the most frequent questions I receive from women and one of my most viewed videos online. It is a very loaded issue. As a caveat, this is not a justification for men cheating on their girlfriends or wives. However, this is an explanation of the cause. It is meant to inform and empower both parties and prevent the cheating from occurring.

Woman in the modern western culture are now more economically independent than ever before. They are attaining higher education at higher rates than men. For the first time since the measurement began in 1940, women are now
(Source: http://blogs.census.gov/2015/10/07/women-now-at-the-head-of-the-class-lead-men-in-college-attainment/?cid=RS23)

This is nothing short of a radical shift. Needless to say, women do not rely on men for socioeconomic support like they once did in the World War II era. Nowadays, men have less and less opportunity to “shine” and play the role of superhero and provider.

This is what results in an uneven relationship. What do I mean by this? Women and men don’t know what they want in these situations. The woman takes the dominant role. Communication is not where it needs to be. Every person has within them masculine and feminine elements. Typically, in an uneven relationship the feminine part of the man emerges as dominant.

As a result, the man will lose himself. Consequently, he may go after a woman who is not as assertive. Perhaps, the woman is not as established in life and is seeking a provider and pursuer. It is important to follow this advice, mainly because there will never not be the aforementioned women available to him. In this scenario he can finally “find” himself as the protector.

Though you should never assume it as fact, this can also be a sign of him cheating. If your husband or boyfriend has a sudden and abrupt change of mood. It may possibly be that he had an epiphany or some other spark of passion. However, always be aware.

In the end, to combat cheating, give him his moment to shine. Avoid emasculating him. When you are informed and know the symptoms of an uneven relationship you can avoid the disease that is cheating. Open up communication with him with very specific topics. Finally, allow him to fulfill his roles as provider, protector, and pursuer. The best way to prevent cheating is to keep your relationship in equilibrium.

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