The Love Resolution


As a dating coach, I constantly hear that:

1.) “Love is fleeting”

2.) “Love is hard work”

3.) “I want to find love”

4.) “Why did I fall out of love?”

These are concerns we have all felt at one point in time or another. They are very much a part of the human experience. The month of January is “New Year’s Resolution Season”. But, before embarking on a specific new habit, diet, or workout regimen you should cement your new mindset of 2017. It cannot be understated: Mindset is everything. I talk to many people who have everything going for them: a great lucrative career, a nice home, and an active social life. But, they are utterly baffled and frustrated when it comes to dating, relationships and love. They may have all of their externals locked down, but their mindset is what need’s recalibrating.

I don’t know much, but I do know this truth about love and our ability to love.

As humans, our ability to love is fleeting. We don’t share the same kind of love as the animals we evolved from have. They are merely in it to procreate and continue a genetic line. It is far more involved than that as humans. We are constantly looking farther and farther up the hierarchy of needs. We want someone that is attractive, funny, and puts us at ease. This is why our love feels like such tiring work.

Love is eternal, it is not biased, it doesn’t choose when it will show up or not. It is light and dark and has a significance stronger than gravity. It is the force behind all we see and all that is or has been created. Love and creation are the same frequency, the same energy, the same DNA of ALL that is. You may have heard that the root of all suffering is attachment. Nowhere else is this more relevant than in the area of love and relationships. If we lost someone or something we loved, ego wants us to believe that love is also gone. Our desire to step into love when we have that person or thing and our desire to step out of love when it’s gone, this is our power of choice not love!

If you truly want love, you must choose to love what IS GONE, what IS NOW and what WILL BE, light, dark, gravity, creation and death are the most constant forces in the universe and all are submissive to one rule and that rule is change. Don’t attach yourself to people, places and things. Before you tackle your New Year’s Resolutions, change your mindset. Change the scope with which you see the world through. All action flows from your cognitive state.

Say this affirmation every morning you wake up: “I embrace the change. I adapt to every moment. Love comes to me naturally.”

You will find that love is less work than it is just BEING.

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