People come to me that want to improve their self confidence, dating life, deepen their relationships and improve their success.

What do youREALLY want?


  • 10 Sessions in-person or by phone
  • Power of “NO” in Life, Business + Love
  • The Emotional Scales of M/F
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence to Life, Business + Love
  • The Modern Man’s Mind
  • Embracing Fear + Owning your Authenticity 


  • 4-week program (min 10 people)
  • The Power of “NO” in Life, Business + Love
  • The Archetype training
  • Creating your Love Menu
  • Mastering communication with the opposite sex


  • Emotional Intelligence in Life, Business + Love
  • Business of Dating + Dating in Business
  • Growing teams and sales with intention
  • Targeting the largest demographic in Western culture
  • Speaking the language of single clients and employees

I’ve been fortunate to work with and empower single professionals around the world. From one on one work with clients to speaking in front of thousands, my mission is to help Single People live exceptionally and find love everyday of their life. Pursuing my calling in life to inspire Single Professionals has allowed me opportunities in TV, radio and most recently a film that will hit theaters internationally.

While other coaches might cost you less money now my research, trainings and coaching will help you lead an exceptional life and save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you are a single professional and you have a specific question about getting the most out of life, business and relationships I’m here for you.

Understanding men and women emotionally.
Emotional Intelligence in life and relationships.
How to communicate with and maximize your connection with the opposite sex..

Speaking Real


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