How To Get Him Back After You Messed Up

Over 60 Dating And How To Handle Sex

Contrary to what many people think, a huge number of singles over 60 are still very active sexually. This is probably not something you might have thought about when getting into over 60 dating but you are very much likely to feel sexually attracted to your dates and how you handle your feelings can determine how the relationship goes and how you feel about everything.

So You Don’t Have A Valentine

OK, so it’s almost Valentine’s Day and you don’t have a Valentine. You see the cards, hearts and love trinkets in the stores and the cascade of negative thoughts begin. The next thing you know you’re stuck in the world of LACK and the roaring crowd in your head spends hours filling you with all the affirmations of what you DON’T HAVE.

Some Romantic Ideas For Valentines Day

Stuck for ideas this valentines day? have a read through our inspiring article and get some new interesting ideas to stand out of the crowd. Some romantic ideas on places to go and things to do.

Dating Over 40 – Things You Must Avoid Always

At 40 you sure have your reasons for wanting to go back into dating and probably even getting into a serious relationship. If you have serious intentions, such as getting some serious companionship, friendship or even love, then there are things you must remember to avoid at all costs to increase your success levels.

I Have Crabs (True Story)

Hey, Quick story? One time, a man was walking down the beach and came upon another man fishing. Next to him was a bait bucket full of live crabs.

How To Get Your Children Involved When Dating Over 40

At 40 and going back into the dating world you might already have a child or children. You should also remember that other singles you are going to meet online might also have children. Most over 40 singles are either divorced or separated and few have lost their spouses so children are expected to you should be open minded about them. If you have children, then you should never leave them out, especially when you have serious intentions with your dating.

How Men Approach Dating

Men don’t approach dating in the same way women do. Men don’t have the same emotional hooks as women do. Men are hard-wired to keep their rational logic in check.

Why Personality Matters In Dating

In the world of professional matchmaking personality makes all the difference in matching for longevity. Find out why personality and it’s connecting variables determines dating success.

Still Finding Your Dream Girl? These Points Will Help You Impress

It is said that girls are hard to please, but nothing can be further away from reality. Girls are essentially very simple creatures who just want to be loved and respected. Showering your girl with affection should be pleasure to you, but what if you are still single?

How Can You Find Out If You Are Dating A Millionaire?

Do you want to know whether the person you are dating is a millionaire? If so, we can give you some clues. People who look for millionaires to date are not necessarily greedy. Maybe they are looking for someone who will take good care of them. Below are 10 signs that can help you know the truth.

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