Stay single until… #SHORTS

How To Quickly Improve Your Game

Forget about pick up lines. Work on your “in the moment” skills instead.

Easy Openers For Fun And Attraction

The first thing you say will set the tone of the conversation. Why not have some fun?

Top Five Reasons for Young Men to Date a Cougar

When you are looking for love, the most desirable quality is when you feel comfortable no matter what the age difference is. According to some, age is just a number and it does not really matter. Look at Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore, isn’t it that they date younger men? What makes an older woman so attractive? Today people are more liberated and most young people do not follow what the society dictates them to do. Tabus are getting less and less relevant. Here are some of the reasons why young men love to date older women.

How to Find A Rich Husband – Five Great Tips To Help You Find A Rich Husband Fast!

Looking for a man of your dreams, or just a man of means? Marrying a rich husband has long been a dream for many girls. If it is your goal to find the right guy or you are aiming to date a man who can give you luxurious dates and travels, here are some tips for you. Let me show you where these awesome guys hang out and clever tricks to catch their attention.

The Secrets of Attracting Women

Many of us are bored with heading out and having to look and search for women. You only desire to be the gentleman that women come your way, certainly not the other way around. Well, if that’s what you desire, then you’ve to put a few actions in position to be there. You might have witnessed before just how some females simply appear to flock to certain guys, but you can’t figure out why. Well, if you would like to become that man, read ahead and find out a few steps you can take to make ladies drawn to you.

Easy Conversation Starters For Easy Rapport And Powerful Attraction

How do you start a conversation with a hot girl? Here’s one way.

5 Reasons Speed Dating Breaks The Online Dating Myth

Sometimes a picture isn’t worth a thousand words. Find out what real people are saying.

How To Build Up Rock Solid Game For Easy Seduction

Getting women consistently requires a certain skill set. Here’s how to quickly and easily get them.

How To Become Her Type So She Can’t Get Enough Of You

Everybody’s got a type. But it’s not something that’s out of your control. Quite the contrary.

Are You Pushing Men Away Without Realizing It?

Many women are pushing men away without realizing it. The first step to turning this around is awareness. See if you’re doing any of these things.

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