The 10 Phrases That Make Men Go Crazy For You

How To Attract A Man To You Emotionally

Do you want to attract men? I’ll show you how with time tested dating advice. It really works!

Exploring the Dating Scene and Getting Into the Swing of Things

Just like anything else, the dating world has gone through stages of evolving from one mannerism to another and because of that many people who have been out of the picture for a good while find themselves coming up short in the latest fads and traditional maneuvers that make up the latest trends. When entering or even re-entering the dating world, it can be a bit scary at first, so everyone needs some overall dating advice that can help you get on your feet and get started dating again.

Interesting Texting Games to Play With a Girl to Win Her – The Keys You Don’t Know

Girls will respond to text messages if they are not the run-of-the mill ones unless they are totally smitten by you and want to impress you. You will never know unless you make the move and start texting her first.

Should a Guy Text a Girl First Or Wait Indefinitely For a Message? Here Is The Right Answer

There are no rules on sending the first text message to someone you like. You may have met some interesting people at the show last night and you found one especially stand out in the crowd.

Date or Mate?

This article deals with the differences between dating for fun and dating to have a long term relationship. The focus is on which way you want to go into dating someone else.

One of Men’s Biggest Pet Peeves About Women: She Has No Life of Her Own

2,000 men were asked to list the top 10 biggest pet peeves they have about women they are dating. 82% listed “A woman with no life of her own.” What does that actually mean? Read on…

How To Be A High Quality Male

You don’t need to be a player to be an alpha. You just need to know what high quality means.

Exploring the Phobias of Dating Beautiful Women

When it comes to dating the opposite sex, men or boys are conditioned from their early teenage years that going out with beautiful girls, or “hot chicks,” so to speak, is the most that could be coveted in life. It is the ultimate goal of every young man who wants the best of what life has to offer.

That Chinese Lady Is Different (Part 1)

In my personal experiences vacationing and living overseas in China, I’ve met numerous young western guys who believe they could get any Chinese girl they want, just because they’re foreign. This is usually a popular mis-notion among western guys; numerous young guys believe that their skin color or the fact they speak English makes them a great asset in China. Well, like in the US, you can find easy girls and there are the true females who you’d like to date or maybe marry, but what is essential is you recognize that Chinese girls are not like western women.

Booby Traps Men Set For Women to Cancel Them Out on the First Date

Do men set up traps to cancel you out on a first or second date? Unfortunately many do. It may be the reason he never called after that first date. Here is one of the top five Booby Traps Men Set For Women…

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